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Randy's XKE Jag of Today

(69 XKE 4.2 6-cyl. with 265 hp and 4-spd)

I met Randy though eBay on a camera repair service he was offering. He is now a supporter of the VMC but providing camera turn-up and repair services. Although, Randy in the strictest sense is not a Virginian, he is close enough because he is a "West" Virginian. Through our email discussions, I found out he is a photographer, camera repairperson, and restores and repairs his and other peoples cars (Brittish and American), trucks and tractors. He and his wife are also involved with Real-estate. He is an expert at auto bodywork repairing, painting, and welding. Currently, he is in the process of restoring a 1960 MGA 1600 Roadster (it is red too) and a couple of trucks. In the above picture, I see a "red" truck in the garage next to his latest acquisition, THE "red" Jag, that is nicely tucked away in his garage. The below pictures were taken just as he took possesion of this XKE.

He was in the process of acquiring a 54 Vette but ran across this XKE. He never thought he would find an E-type Jag. There are plenty of four seater XKEs still left, but the two seater is more rare. I agree with Randy that the two seater is much better looking than a four seater (2+2). He has replacement pans that he will install soon. This XKE has the original 4.2 6-cyl. with an unbelievable 265 hp and 4-spd.

In addition, he has a couple of Super Beetles VWs (sunroof and convertible) that he is probably going get rid of to make room the XKE. In his tractor shed he has a couple of other neat things. There's a 59 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite, 63 Corvair Greenbrier Van, a 1953 McCormick Farmall Cub tractor that he restored four or five years back and a backhoe plus several other trucks. In the recent past, he sold a 39 ford pickup; something that I have always wanted. Long time ago he had a Corvair Spider with a MACK truck 8 track stereo - of all things.

The Jag looks like a great restoration project and should bring back a lot of memories for us 60s and 70s guys. Hoping Randy will provide additional pictures as he progresses.

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