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Andy's GTO of Today

(67 Hurst GTO, Modified 400ci(+550hp), M22 "Rock Crusher", 355, 3" Exhaust)

After purchasing my 65 vette in the winter of 2003, I purchased this beast in August 2004. I have always talk about having a GTO. I feel this is one of the best - guess I got lucky. I bought this car from a Georgian millionaire that only drove it twice. The second time he drove it he unfortunately had his wife with him and upon accelerating hard he got it sideways - by mistake. His wife said she would not ride in it again. So it became "for sale" and I got it for a really reasonable price ... The above picture is when I took possession in front of the previous owners house. I had loaded the "GOAT" on to my trailer and was all set to beatfeet back to good ole Virginia - at 50 miles-an-hour.

When towing it back from Georgia I saw I was being followed by a North Carolina State Police Officer. Finally the NC State man put on the red lights and pull me over. I said to myself, "What now?" As the Officer was looking at the registration he said; "You are a cop aren't you?" As a former Police Officer I know Police instinctively know one another. I said I was retired and working for a Virginia State Crime Lab now. The Officer said he guessed because I was doing 50 in a 65. I guess Police Officers like myself have seen enough speeders splatter their bodies all over the road. I have now become a little leery of higher speeds - during off duty time. I still remember when I helped Bob and his father tow his first Nomad back from Norfolk and how "interesting" it got at times during the way back. (see Nomad section). The Officer then said he used to have a 67 GTO and when he retires he was going to buy another one. I went on to say that I had always wanted a GTO and also had a mid-year Vette. The Officer upon hearing this just about went into convulsions and could not believe that another Officer could have two such cars. I had opened the hood and trunk to show the Officer details about the car. Since we were on the side of the road, I noticed that a lot of people were slowing down to look at what they thought was a drug bust. I quietly chuckled to myself.

You know the two fours bring back memories of my 66 Chevy II that also had two AFBs (see the Andy Chevy II section). Those were good days too. It has 12.5 compression pistons and a non-stock cam. The engine is rated at some where above 550hp.

Clean punkin underneath with the big 3 inch pipes and a rather large swaybar - I think it is at least an inch in diameter.

A Sun tach is mounted in the Dash. I know Bob has been looking for one.

Watch a 12.76 ET

Great Sound

Bill, Bob, and I used to tool around listening to the Beach Boys songs like "little GTO" and "Get Around." The background music for this page is entitled "Little GTO" originally sung by Ronnie and The Daytonas and rerendered by Still Surfing ( BTW they have a great CD you can get on this WEBsite ... ~Andy

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