The Virginia Muscle Car

Bill and Andy's 61 Vettes of the early 70's

(61 Vette, 327, 4 speed)

In the late 1960's Bill had this metalic blue 61 Vette. It was a little darker than my present 85 Vette and had a 327 and 4 speed. However, I do not remember if it was stock or what the hp rating was. What I do remember is cruzing through Georgetown and having a great time talking to the college girls ... ;) Bill's Vette had slightly larger tires in the rear which gave it a little rake. Andy bought a 61 Vette shortly after Bill. Andy took us over to Maryland to see it before he took possession. It was not tagged so I believe he had it towed to Bill's place. Bill's Mom thought of Andy and me as her sons also - I wish she was still around. Since Andy could not store it at his house, Bill's mom said it was OK to park it in her driveway while we got it ready for the road. Wasn't too long before Bill and Andy pulled out the motor and put in a special "Andy and Bill" rebuilt motor; however, Andy sold it not too long after. Not too sure why. Guess he bought the Chevy II (see Chevy II Section) and needed to shed a car. I really do not know what happened to Bill's Vette either or why Bill finally got rid of it. It may have had some engine trouble and Bill did not have the time to fix it. I believe he had started a new job that took a lot of his time. I was in Utah finishing college when he sold it. I'll bet, both Bill and Andy wish they still had their Vettes. These really old Vettes can bring a lot of money, hindsight ~Bob.

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